Scheme of the University Campus



Building 1




Biology Faculty



Faculty of Radiophysics



University Library


Building 2




Rector’s Office



Faculty of Management and Business



Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty



Faculty for international Students


Building 3.




Physico-Technical Research Institute



Physics Faculty


Building 4.




Radiophysics Faculty


Building 5. 




Research Institute for  Chemistry



Chemistry Faculty


Building 6. 




Research Institute for Mechanics



Faculty of  Mechanics and Mathematics


Building 7.

Student hostel 4 (red arrow – entrance)


Building 8 



Building 9 

Research Institute of Living Systems


Building 10

Household buildings


Building 11 

Household buildings


Building 12

Student hostel 5


Building 13

Student hostel 1


Building 14 

Innovation Center


Building 15 

University canteen


Building 16

Household buildings


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