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Conference program (NEW)

International Conference

 “Shilnikov Workshop-2017”

dedicated to the memory of 

Leonid Pavlovich Shilnikov (1934-2011)




Friday, December 15

Place: University Conference Center, Nizhny Novgorod University

Gagarina 23, Corp. 1, New library building (NLB), floor 4

9-00 – 9-45          Registration

9-45 – 10-00        Opening

Plenary Sessions 1: Chairman: S. Gonchenko

10-00 – 11-00 V.N. Belykh   “Synchronization phenomena and crowd dynamics on a wobbly bridge”

11-00 – 11-30 Coffee break

11-30 – 12-15 A. Delshams “Scattering maps and Arnold diffusion in Hamiltonian systems for complete families of perturbations”

12-15 – 13:00   L. Lerman, E. Yakovlev On interrelations of divergence-free and Hamiltonian dynamics”

13-00 – 14-30    Lunch

Session 1: Theory of Dynamical systems (Conference Hall) Chairman: L. Lerman

Session 2: Applications of Dynamical systems (Exhibition room) Chairman: A. Rassadin

14-30 – 15-00 A. Glutsyuk, S.Ramassamy “Miquel dynamics on 2x2 periodic circle patterns”

15.00 – 15.30  S.S. Minkov,  A.V. Okunev, I.S. Shilin “Omega-limit sets of  $C^1$-Anosov diffeomorphisms”

15-30 – 15-50  N.V. Isaenkova “Dynamics of solenoidal basic sets”

15-50 – 16-10 Naryshkin P. E. “Entire solutions with various periodic structures for some semi-linear elliptic equations”


14-30 – 15-00 I.R. Garashchuk, D.I. Sinelshchikov, N.A. Kudryashov “Nonlinear Dynamics in Two Models of Bubble Contrast Agents”

15.00 – 15.30 Astashova I.V. “Application of Dynamical Systems to the Study  of Asymptotic Classification and Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to Nonlinear Higher-Order Differential Equations”

15-30 – 15-50 Agalarov A.M.,  Rassadin A.E “Some notes about dynamical chaos on the smallest scales of the Universe”

15-50 – 16-10 A.Narimanov, A.Gavrilova, L.Kistanova “Indicators of the kinematics of the movement of aquatic organisms, depending on the angle of incidence of microwave radiation of low intensity. The development of a programme of environmental monitoring”


16-20 – 16-50 Coffee break


Session 1: Theory of Dynamical systems

Session 2: Applications of Dynamical systems

16-50 – 17-10  G. Alfimov, A.P.Fedotov, D.A.Zezyulin, I.V.Barashenkov  “A method for prediction and computation of nonlinear modes in NLS-type models”

17-10 – 17-30  A. Chekmareva,               A. Kuznetsov, A. Savin  “Formation Of Attractors In The System Of Phase Equations With Symmetry Violation”

17-30 – 17-50  N.N. Chentsova, P.N. Sorokin  “Stochasticity of the dynamic system. Sufficient conditions for testing

17-50 – 18-10 N.V. Barabash, V.N. Belykh “Chimera states in a modified Kuramoto model with inertia”

18-10 – 18-30 Astashov E. “Equivariant simple singularities and their classification”


16-50 – 17-10 Potapov A.A.,  Rakut I.V.,   Rassadin A.E.,   Stepanov A.V.,    Tronov A.A. “Generator of fractal voltage: practical scheme”

17-10 – 17-30  E. Derunova, Mazhar N. AliTopological states of matter as bifurcations of trajectories of Schroedinger equation in periodic potential”

17-30 – 17-50 S. A. Dukhnovskiy “On the local equilibrium of equations system of Godunov-Sultangazin”

17-50 – 18-10 K.M. Dulina ”On behavior of oscillating solutions to the second-order  Emden--Fowler type differential equations”

18-10 – 18-30 Kalyakulina A.I., Pankratova E.V., Zaburdaev V.Yu. “Bacterial drift velocity along the gradient of the chemoattractant concentration”



1) Agalarov A.M., Potapov A.A., Rakut I.V.,   Rassadin A.E.,   Stepanov A.V. "Modelling of the Rikitake system by means of methods of quantum physics"

2) Agalarov A.M., Potapov A.A.,  Rassadin A.E. "On the Kulbak-Leubler entropy in quantum mechanical systems"

3) Bakhanova Yu.V. “Spiral chaos in a predator-prey model with disease in the predator”

4) M.I. Bolotov, L.A. Smirnov, G.V. Osipov, A. Pikovsky “Breather chimeras in the system of phase oscillators”

5)  Chentsova N.N., Sorokin P.N. “A task for a student's practical work. Qualitative and  numerical studies of ordinary differential equations”

6 Levanova T.A., Korotkov A.G. “The impact of the electrical couplings on the dynamics of neural ensemble”

7) Levanova T.A., Kazakov A.O., Korotkov A.G., Osipov G.V. “Dynamics of Van der Pol neuron-like elements with chemical and electrical couplings”

8) A.O. Kazakov “On a wild spiral attractor in four-dimensional flows”

9)  A.O. Kazakov, A.G. Korotkov, M.A. Osipova “On influence of periodical perturbation on homoclinic trajectory to saddle-focus equilibrium in Shilnikov attractors”

10) O.S. Kostromina “On periodic perturbations of an asymmetric pendulum type equation”

11)  V.A. Kostin, G.V. Osipov “Transient and periodic spatiotemporal structures in a reaction-diffusion-mechanics cardiac system”

12) A. Kozlov “Homoclinic attractors of three-dimensional systems with constant divergence”

13) V.E. Kruglov “Euler characteristic of a surface glued of a $2n$-gon”

14) Loginov D.O. “About Bifurcations in a Parabolic Equation with Small Diffusion and Deflection Space Variable”

15) A.A. Potapov “Waves in Large Disordered Anisotropic Fractal Systems, in Clusters of Small-Size Space Vehicles, in Synthesized Space Antenna Aggregations - Cluster Apertures, and in Radar”

16) Potapov A.A.,  Rakut I.V.,  Rassadin A.E. "Total harmonic distorsions for voltage and for superconducting current in Josephson junction"

17) Rassadin A.E., Belotelov N.V. "On asymptotic description for wave of charge in

homogeneous circuit with inversely shifted p-n junctions"

18) I. Sinitsky “On reversible mixed dynamics in the a priori nonconservative case”


Saturday, December 17 

Place:  Nizhny Novgorod University,

Gagarina 23, Corp. 6, room 401

Plenary session 2: Chairman: A. Delshams

10-00 – 11-00 V. Grines “Structurally stable systems and topology of ambient manifold”

11-00 – 11-30 Coffee break

 11-30 – 12-00  E. Zhuzhoma, V. Medvedev  “Morse-Smale dynamical systems with few non-wandering points”

12-00 – 12-30 O. Pochinka “The wild Fox-Artin arc in invariant sets of dynamical systems” 

12-30 – 13-00 A. Morozov, K. Morozov  "On quasi-periodic perturbations of two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems" 

13-00 – 14-30    Lunch

Plenary session 3: Chairman: S. Gonchenko

14-30 – 15-00 T. Lazaro  “Rational parametrisation approach in some dynamical systems problems”

 15-00 – 15-30  I. Kashchenko “Behavior of spatially inhomogeneous solutions of nonlinear optical system”

15-30 – 16-00  A. Kulikov, D. Kulikov “Local bifurcations in the periodic boundary value  problem for one  version of the generalized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation”

16-30 – 17-00 Coffee break

16-30 – 17-00  S.  Makovkin, M. Ivanchenko, S. Jalan, A. Zaikin “The gains and losses of synchrony in multiplex neural-glial networks”

17-00 – 17-30  Yusipov I.I.,  Laptyeva T.V., Ivanchenko M.V.,  Denisov S.V. “Asymptotic states in disordered open quantum systems: localization and dynamics”

17-30 – 18-00 I. Ovsyannikov “Existence of inhomogeneous domain walls in nanomagnetic structures”

18.00 – 18.20  E. Alexeeva, A. Rassadin “On asymptotic solution of the degenerate Duffing equation”


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