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Program of Shilnikov Workshop 2023 (Final version)



International Conference "ShilnikovWorkshop-2023"   

Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (NNSU) 

Schedule of lectures 

15 December. 

Venue: NNSU, Mathematical Center, building 2, room 331

13.45-14.00  Opening

Chairman  S. Gonchenko

14.00 — 14.45  Belykh V.N.,     From 1-D endomorphism to invertible multidimensional Henon map: persistence of bifurcation structure

14.45 — 15.25  Lerman L.M., Trifonov K.N., Symplectic partially hyperbolic automorphisms of T6

15.25 — 15.50   Morozov K.E., Morozov A.D.,   Parametric perturbations of two-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with nonmonotonic rotation

15.50 — 16.10  N.V. Barabash, V.N. Belykh, I.V. Belykh. Smale horseshoe chains reveal the true complexity of the double scroll attractor.

16.10 — 16.40    Coffee-break

Chairman K. Morozov

16.40 — 17.00 Emelyanov N.A., Kocharovsky Vl.V., The problem of particle acceleration in chromospheric solar  plasma. Propagation of the Alfven wave in footpoints of magnetic loops.

17.00 – 17.20  Kuznetsov A.A., Nechaev A.A., Garasev M.A., Kocharovsky Vl.V., Quasilinear approach to the nonlinear stage of  Weibel instability in collisionless plasma.

17.20 – 17.40  Mishin A. V., Kocharovskaya E. R., Kocharovsky Vl. V., Polariton modes of a superradiant laser with combined Fabry-Perot cavity equipped with distributed feedback.
17.40 – 18.00  Rassadin A.E., Double-sided bound of the solution of the Dirichlet problem for the Laplace equation on a circle.

18.00 – 18.20 Saraev I., On Embedding of two-dimensional Separatrices of Saddle Equilibria in Four-dimensional Manifolds


16 December.

Venue: NNSU, Mathematical Center, building 2, room 331  

Chairman  L. Lerman

10.00 — 10.40    Malkin M.I., Safonov K.A., Estimates of the chain recurrent sets for generalized Henon maps.

10.40 — 11.20  Efremova L.S., Introduction to completely geometrically integrable maps.

11.20 — 12.00 Zelik S.V., Instability and non-uniqueness for Navier-Stokes-Brinkman-Forhheimer equations

12.00 — 12.30  Davydov A., Plakhov A., Dynamics of a pendulum in a rarefied flow.

12.30 — 13.00  Coffee-break

Chairman  A. Gonchenko

13.00 — 13.30    Stankevich N.V., Multidimensional chaos with impulse impact.  

13.30 — 13.50   Zaichikov K., Kazakov A., Murillo A., Vieiro A., On genuinely discrete Lorenz attractors in 3D maps.

13.50 – 14.10 Bobrovskii A., Kazakov A., Safonov K., Shilnikov A.,  On nonorientable Lorenz attractors.

14.10 — 15.00  Lunch

Online session

Chairman  M. Malkin 

15.00 — 15.40   D. Turaev, Reversible homoclinic implies chaos.

15.40 — 16.00  Kulikov A.N., Kulikov D. A., Local bifurcations in the convective Cahn-Hilliard-Oono equation  

16.00 — 16.40  Bernold Fiedler and Hannes Stuke,  Entire PDE orbits are not complex entire:
a nonlinear example.

16.40 — 17.10  Coffee-break

Chairman  A. Kazakov 

 17.10 — 17.40 I.A. Korneev, I.R. Ramazanov, A.V. Slepnev, T.E. Vadivasova, V.V. Semenov, Route to chaos via a cascade of period-doubling  bifurcations without parameters.

17.40 — 18.00  Lubchenko D.O., Savin A.V., Coexistence of Strange Atractors in Unidirectionally Coupled Maps.

18.00 — 18.20  Semenova N., Influence and suppression of noise in deep and echo state neural networks

18.20 – 18.40 Nikishina N., Dynamical regimes in networks of FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators under noise influence


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