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Video files with Schilnikov WorkShop talks

Belykh V.N. Two-dimensional auxiliary systems method
Treshchev D.V. On isochronous systems
Ilyashenko Yu.S. Glocal bifurcations in generic two-parameter families of vector fields on a sphere: a review of problems 
Morozov A.D., Morozov K.E. On degenerate resonances and synchronization of quasiperiodic oscillations
Session dedicated to the 75th anniversary of V.Z. Grines
Zhuzhoma E.V. On codimension one basic sets of A-flows
Pochinka O.V. On the scientific achievements of the Nizhny Novgorod school of topological methods of dynamics

Evening session: chairman Lerman L. 
Kasatkin D.V., Nekorkin V.I. Synchronous patterns in Kuramoto networks with adaptive couplings
M.A.Garasev, A.A.Nechaev, A.N.Stepanov, V.V.Kocharovsky, Vl.V.Kocharovsky. Multi-scale magnetic field structures in an expanding elongated plasma cloud with hot electrons subject to an external magnetic field
Kashchenko S.A. Infinite Turing Bifurcations in Chains of Van der Pol Systems
А.С. Дмитриев, В.В. Ицков, М. М. Петросян, А.И. Рыжов.  Радиосвязь на хаотических сигналах в дециметровом диапазоне частот

Bifurcations and strange attractors chairman Gonchenko A.S. 

Stankevich N.V., Kuznetsov A.P. “Quasi-periodic bifurcations and complex dynamics in two coupled modified Anishchenko-Astakhov generators”

A.M. Arefev, E.A. Grines, G.V.Osipov “Heteroclinic cycles and chaos in system of four identical phase oscillators with biharmonic coupling” 

Emelin A.E, Levanova T.A., Osipov G.V .”Dynamics in a phase model of half-center oscillator with inhibitory couplings”

Slepukhina E. S. “Transitions between tonic spiking and bursting in the stochastic Hindmarsh-Rose neuron model with the Lukyanov-Shilnikov bifurcation”

Garashchuk I.R. “Asynchronous chaos and bifurcations in a model of two coupled Hindmarsh-Rose neurons”


Theory of dynamical systems chairman Morozov K.E.

Efremova L.S. “Periodic trajectories of geometrically integrable maps in the plane

Trifonov K.N. “Partially Hyperbolic Symplectic Automorphisms of 4-Torus”

Baldoma I., Giralt M., Guardia,M. “Beyond all orders breakdown of the homoclinic connection to L3”

 Lubchenko D.O., Savin A.V. “The Maxwell's billiard demon effect in simplified Tennison-Lichtenberg-Lieberman system with oscillating boundaries”

Golokolenov A. V., Savin D. V. “Self-oscillating system with weak dissipation demonstrating the <> in the conservative limit: approximations, evolution of attractors and chaos in the phase space”

Applications of dynamical systems chairman Rassadin A.E. 

Kulikov A. N., Kulikov D. A. “Invariant manifolds of two versions of the weakly dissipative complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

Rassadin A.E.”Remark on the dynamical system in the space of double-sided sequences”

Shamanaev P.A. “Periodic solutions of linear inhomogeneous differential equations with two small parameters”

Loginov D.O.“On the influence of boundary conditions on the dynamic properties of a logistic equation with delay and diffusion”

Golubenets V.O. “Relaxation solutions in a logistic equation with state-in-the-past-dependent delay”

Morning session: chairnam Malkin M.I.

Grines V.Z. Topology of ambient manifolds and chaotic hyperbolic dynamics

Lerman L.M. Nonautonomous Dynamics: the Uniform Approach

 Alfimov G.L.,  Zezyulin D.A., Slobodyanyuk A.O. Nonlinear modes and pseudo-modes for NLS equation with complex potential

Fiedler B. Real chaos, and complex time

Vieiro A. Escape times across a golden Cantorus and the evolution of approximant islands

Gelfreich V. Singularly embedded solitons in the fifth order KdV model

Kuptsov P. Concept of instant Lyapunov exponents and their application for numerical analysis of attractors structure

Evening session: chairman Kazakov A.O.

Malkin M., Safonov K. One-dimensional factor maps of stable folliations for Lorenz and Rovella attractors

Ovsyannikov I.I. Universal bounds in Lorenz-like systems

Turaev D. A model of a pseudohyperbolic Shilnikov attractor

Pikovsky A., Nepomnyashchy A. Chaos in coupled heteroclinic cycles and its picewise-linear description

Kruglov V.P., Kazakov A.O., Karatetskaya E.Yu., Gonchenko S.V. On new pseudohyperbolic attractor of Lorenz type

Tali Pinsky. A heteroclinic trefoil for the Lorenz equations.

Shilnikov A.L. Leonid Shilnikov and mathematical theory of dynamical chaos

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