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Program of Shilnikov WorkShop 2020

Program of Shilnikov WorkShop 2020>>>

Дата: 17.12.2020



9-30 - 10-00





Pochinka O.V.

Stable arcs connecting polar cascades on a torus


Kocharovsky V.V., Garasev M.A., Kuznetsov A.A., Nechaev A.A., Kocharovsky Vl.V.

“Quasi-linear approach in the theory of the Weibel instability in an anisotropic collisionless plasma: Nonlinear phenomena in the cases of one, two or several energetic modes”

11-15 – 11:45

Kocharovsky Vl. V., Kocharovsky V. V., Nechaev A. A., Tarasov S.V.

“One-dimensional model of a magnetic transition layer in a multicomponent collisionless plasma with a kappa energy distribution of particles” 

11-50 – 12-15

 Kashchenko I.S., Maslennikov I.N.

Local dynamics of a second order equation with a delay in the derivative

12-20 - 12-45

M. Malkin, K. Safonov

A monotonicity criterion for topological entropy with application to families of Lorenz maps

12-50 – 13-15

Golokolenov A. V., Savin D.V. 


The dynamics of self-oscillating systems allowing the transition to the system demonstrating the “stochastic web” in the conservative limit




14-00 – 14-40

Zelik S.

Recent progress in the theory of Inertial Manifolds

14-45 – 15-10

  Kostyanko A.

Bi-Lipshitz Mane projections and finite-dimensional reduction for complex Ginsburg-Landau equation

15-15 – 15-40

Lohse A.

Stability of heteroclinic attractors in equivariant dynamical systems

15-45 – 16-10

Ovsyannikov I.

Birth of discrete Lorenz attractors in homoclinic and heteroclinic cycles of type (2,1) and (1,2).

16-15 – 16-55

Shilnikov A., Huiven Ju,

Krishna Pusuluri

Rare chaos in neuron models

17-00 - 17-40

 Lamb J.

Conditioned Lyapunov exponents for random dynamical systems

17-45 - 18-10

Tarasova T.V., Slunyaev A.V. 

Synchronous collisions of many KdV solitons: effect on the wave statistics

18-15- 18-40

Alfimov G.

A method for counting of solitons for vector defocusing NLS equation with external potential


Fadeeva N.S., Stankevich N.V. 

The simplest radiophysical generators with Quasiperiodic Henon-like attractors




 This session is dedicated to the memory of

V.S. Anishchenko, S.P. Kuznetsov and D.I. Trubetskov      


ФИО докладчика

Название доклада

10-00 – 10-45

Vadivasova T.


Memories on V.S. Anishchenko

Shepelev I.


Reasons of emergence of  labyrinth-like structures and chimera states in a strongly coupled  2D lattice of van der Pol oscillators

10-50 – 11-30

 Belykh  V. 

On Vadim Anishchenko and recently left Colleagues

11-35 – 12-10 

 Nekorkin V., Ryskin N.

In memory of Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov. D.I. Trubetskov and works on non-stationary microwave electronics.


Sysoev I.V.,  Kapustnikov A.A.,     Egorov N.M., Sysoeva M.V.

Transient dynamics as a model of spike-wave discharges

12-50 - 13-10

Bukh A.V., Shepelev I.A., Strelkova G.I., Anishchenko V.S. 


Anti-phase relay synchronization of two-dimensional spatio-temporal structures.





14-00 – 14-30

Seleznev E.P., Stankevich N.V., Kazakov A.O., Gonchenko S.V.

Mixed dynamics implementation in a physical experiment

14-35 – 15-05

Glyzin S.,  Kashchenko S.


Dynamics of the Fisher--Kolmogorov equation with a deviation in the spatial variable


15-10 - 15-35

Dmitriev A.S., Petrosyan M.M.,

Ryzhov A.I.

Artificial radio lighting by radiation sources based on dynamical chaos

15-40 - 16-20

 Neiman A.B., Chauhan K.,           Khaledi-Nasab A., Kromer J.,           Schimansky-Geier L.

 Dynamics and information transfer in tree networks of noisy excitable elements 


Emelianova A.A.,  Nekorkin V.I.

Mixed dynamics in a system of forced adaptively coupled Kuramoto oscillators


Kulikov A., Kulikov V.I. 

Ginzburg-Landau variation equation. Local bifurcations and the global attractor


Kashchenko A. A.

Coexistence of Periodic Regimes in a System of Coupled Oscillators with Delay


Rybalova E.V., Strelkova G.I.,

Anishchenko V.S.


Effects of synchronization in heterogeneous multiplex networks with sparse coupling between layers


Dukov A.V.

Multiple limit cycles in generic finite-parameter families


Grines V., Kazakov A., Mints D.

On perturbations of algebraic Anosov automorphisms






 Alekseeva E.S.,  Rassadin A.E.

Remark on representation of Hamiltonian systems as curves in denumerable-dimensional space.


Bakhanova Yu.V., Kazakov A.O., Malykh S.M.

 Homoclinic chaos in the Rossler model


Barabash N.V., Belykh V.N.

 Hyperbolic attractors of non-autonomous maps


Bobrovskiy A., Kazakov A., Stankevich N. 

Occurrence of a burst in-phase attractor in two coupled Hindmarsh-Rose systems


Bolotov D.I., Bolotov M.I., Smirnov L.A., Osipov G.V., Pikovsky A.

Solitary chimera in the medium of phase oscillators with di ffusion of the auxiliary field


Bolotov M.I., Levanova T.A., Smirnov L.A., Pikovsky A.

Stability of synchronous rotations to the degree of disorder in the lattices of locally coupled phase oscillators


Chigarev V.


Kantorovich-Rubinstein-Wasserstein distance between attractor and repeller


Gonchenko A., Samylina E.

On systems with symmetric Lorenz attractor and Lorenz repeller


Gonchenko M., Safonov K.

Reversible perturbations of conservative H'enon-like maps


Gonchenko S., Gordeeva O. 

On two-dimensional dieomorphisms with a transversal homoclinic trajectory to

a non-hyperbolic saddle


Kaynov M., Kazakov A.

On methods of checking pseudohyperbolicity of strange attractors


Krylosova D., Seleznev E., 

Stankevich N. 


Chaotic dynamics and drift in an oscillator with an adaptive external influence


Munyaev V.O., Khorkin D.S., Bolotov M. I., Smirnov L. A., Osipov G.V.

Appearance of chaos in evolving pendulum network


Munyaev V.O., Smirnov L.A., Kostin V.A., Osipov G.V., Pikovsky A.

Stationary and periodic regimes in the noisy Kuramoto system with a bimodal frequency distribution


Safonov K., Zelentsov N.

Conservative symmetry breaking bifurcation in the double Henon map


Zinina S.


Dynamics of systems with a finite hyperbolic chain-recurrent set

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