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Conference program

International Conference

 “Shilnikov Workshop-2018”

dedicated to the memory of 

Leonid Pavlovich Shilnikov (1934-2011)

Place: University Conference Center, Nizhny Novgorod University

Gagarina 23, Corp. 1, New library building (NLB), floor 4


Monday, December 17

9-30 – 9-45          Registration

9-45 – 10-00        Opening

Plenary Sessions 1: Chairman: S. Gonchenko

10-00 – 11-00 V.N. Belykh   “Simplified maps modeling funnel attractors in 3D flow with one or two equlibria”

11-00 – 11-30 Coffee break

11-30 – 12-15 A.S. Dmitrichev, D.S. Shchapin, V.I. Nekorkin  “Cloning of chimera states in large multiplex network of linearly coupled relaxational oscillators with nonstationary inter-layer couplings”

12-15 – 13:00   L. Lerman “On skew products over a quasi-periodic shift of the circle”

13-00 – 14-30   Lunch

Chairman: A. Gonchenko

14-30 – 15-00   A. V. Mishin, A. A. Nechaev, M. A. Garasev, A. N. Stepanov, Vl .V. Kocharovsky “Formation of a density bump at the front of a collisionless shock wave during the expansion of a laser plasma”  

15-00 – 15-20  A. A. Nechaev, M. A. Garasev, A. V. Mishin, A. N. Stepanov, Vl.V. Kocharovsky “Generation of magnetic field behind the front of a collisionless shock wave during the expansion of a laser plasma”

15-20 – 15-45 I.R. Garashchuk, D.I. Sinelshchikov, N.A. Kudryashov, A. Kazakov  Multistability and Hyperchaos in the Dynamics of Two Coupled Contrast Agents

15-45 – 16-00 D.Malyshev, A.Kazakov, E.ShiryaevaOn computationally effective methods for verification of the attractor pseudohyperbolicity

16-00 – 16-20 N.V. Stankevich, E.S. Popova, A.P. Kuznetsov “Formation of hyperchaos after secondary Neimark-Sacker bifurcation”

16-20 – 16-40 A.A. Emeliyanova,  V.I. Nekorkin “Attractors and repellers in a system of two nonidentical phase oscillators with adaptive couplings”

16-40 – 17-00 Coffee break

Chairman: S. Maksimenko

17.00 – 17.20 A.A. Makeeva, A.S. Dmitrichev, V.I. Nekorkin “Canard solutions in a one-dimensional array of FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons”

17.20 – 17.40 M.M. Pugavko, V. I. Nekorkin “Chaotic spatiotemporal dynamics of a chain of bistable maps”

17-40 – 18-00 G.L. Alfimov, A.S. Korobeinikov, C.J. Lustri, and D.E. Pelinovsky ``Transparent points'' in Discrete NLS Equation with  Saturation.

18-00 – 18-20 G.L. Alfimov, I.V.  Barashenkov, A.P.  Fedotov “Moving solitons for the Lugiato-Lefever equation”

Poster-session (during Monday and Tuesday)

1) E.S. Alekseeva, A.E. Rassadin “The Estimation for Length of Closed Phase Trajectory of  Two-Dimensional System of Ordinary Differential Equations” 

2) E.S. Alekseeva, A.E. Rassadin “On Asymptotic Solution for One of the Simplest Model  of Cosmological Inflation”

3) D. I. Astakhova, M. V. Sysoeva, I. V. Sysoev “Dependency of coupling estimates obtained with partial directed coherence method on time series length”

4) Yu.V. Bakhanova “Shilnikov homoclinic loops in the Rosenzweig-MacArtur model”

5) Ali Ghannam “On the approximation of cylinder map by non-autonomous Hamiltonian system rotation”

6) O. Gordeeva, V. Lukyanov  “On bifurcations of two-dimensional diffeomorphisms with  a quadratic homoclinic tangency to a nonhyperbolic saddle”

7) E. Grines “On discrete Shilnikov attractors in a system of symmetrically coupled oscillators”

8) A. A. Grishchenko, M. V. Sysoeva, C. M. van Rijn, I. V. Sysoev. Estimating optimal lag of embedding for state space reconstruction from scalar realizations of brain local field potentials before, during and after spike-wave discharges.

9) A.O. Kazakov, I.R. Sataev “On discrete Lorenz and Shilnikov attractors in the modified oscillator of Anishchenko-Astakhov”

10) I. Korenkov “Wild spiral attractors in the four-dimensional Shimitsu-Morioka system”

11) A.G. Korotkov, T.A. Levanova and G.V. Osipov “The dynamics of ensemble of neuron-like elements with excitatory couplings”

12) A.V. Kostyuk, M. V. Kornilov, D. D. Kulminskiy, V. I. Ponomarenko, I. V. Sysoev. Application of Partial Directed Coherence for assessing connectivity from time series of radio-engineering generators.

13) A.D. Kozlov “On numerical methods of pseudohyperbolicity check” 

14)  Т.А. Levanova, A.G. Korotkov, G.V. Osipov “The impact of electrical couplings on the dynamics of discrete neuron-like elements”

15)  Morozov A.I. ,Pochinka O.V. "New research methods of Kupka-Smale diffeomorphisms"

16) O. I. Pipikin, E.V. Pankratova  “Isolated cell's response near the boundary of firing mode domain”

17)  I.D. Remizov “On estimation of error in approximations provided by Chernoff's product formula”

18) I. Sinitsky “On mixed dynamics of two-dimensional reversible maps with nontransversal heteroclinic cycles”

19) A.I. Shykhmamedov “Towards appearance of chaotic dynamics in the Henon map”



Tuesday, December 18 

Plenary session 2: Chairman: A. Morozov

10-00 – 10-45 V. Grines “On manifolds admitting structurally stable “sink-source” diffeomorphisms”

10-45 – 11-15 Coffee break

 11-15 – 11-55 S. Maksymenko, O. Khohliyk “Diffeomorphisms preserving Morse-Bott foliations”

 11-55 – 12-35 M. Malkin, K. Safonov “Detecting of chaos by perturbations of 
degenerate maps”  

12-35 – 13-00  A. Delshams, M. Gonchenko, P. Gutierrez, Exponentially small splitting of separatrices associated to 3D whiskered tori with cubic frequencies. 

13-00 – 14-30    Lunch

Session 1: Bifurcations and chaos (NLB, Conference Hall), Chairman: A. Korotkov

Session 2:  Dynamical systems and applications (NLB,Exhibitory room)  Chairman: A. Rassadin

14-30 – 15-00  I.V. Sysoev, M. V. Sysoeva. Transitions between regimes in ensembles of coupled neurooscillators in application to epilepsy modeling.

15-00 – 15-30 M.I. Bolotov, V.O. Munyayev, L.A. Smirnov and G.V. Osipov Symmetry broken states in an ensemble of coupled pendulums.

15-30 – 15-50 N.V.Barabash “Ghost-attractor in blinking  nonlinear rotator-oscillator”

15-50 – 16-15 A.Gonchenko, E.Samylina “On the domain of existence of Lorenz-like attractors in a nonholonomic model of Celtic stone”

16-15 – 16-40 M.A. Rozhnova, E.V.Pankratova, I.A.Lazarevich, S.V.Stasenko, V.B.Kazantsev “Bifurcations leading to periodic solutions in mathematical model of neural extracellular matrix”

14-30 – 15-00 A. Kulikov, D. KulikovNontrivial invariant manifolds of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation and the Galerkin method

15-00 – 15-20  A. Sekatskaya “On the influence of the shape of a region on the character of local bifurcations in the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation”

15-20 – 15-40 A.M.Kovaleva “Stability and bifurcations of solutions for the nonlocal erosion equation in the case of a small spatial deviation”

15-40 – 16-00  K. Morozov  "On  quasi-periodic perturbations  of Duffing type equations

16-00 – 16-20 E. Derunova, Mazhar N. Ali “Topological states of matter as bifurcations of trajectories of Schrodinger equation in periodic potential”

16-20 – 16-40 O.S.Kostromina “On quasi-periodic perturbations of pendulum-type equation”

16-40 – 17-00 Coffee break

Plenary session 3: Chairman: S. Gonchenko

17-00 – 17-20  E. Zhuzhoma, V. Medvedev  “On conjugacy of regular and semi-regular Smale diffeomorphisms”

 17-20 – 17-40 I.A.Bashkirtseva, S.S.Zaitseva “Analysis of stochastic dynamic in autocatalytic regulation model”

17-40 – 18-00  A.G. Korotkov, T.A. Levanova, G.V. Osipov “Chaotic regimes in the ensemble of FitzhHugh-Nagumo elements with weak couplings”


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